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When it comes to swaddling a baby in comfort and supreme softness, it doesn't get any better than the swaddling blankets by Aden and Anais. Every swaddling blanket, each hooded bath towel and baby sleeping bag from Aden and Anais is crafted from soft, breathable muslin fabric for air flow and ultimate comfort. Our popular swaddle blankets by Aden & Anais are firm favorites of many cemebrity Mum's including Julia Roberts, Gwen Stefani and Jamie Oliver just to name a few. Swaddling a newborn baby in the breathable softness of muslin is the best way to safely swaddle the baby - swaddling baby in anything else simply cannot compare. Whether you seek the ideal swaddling blankets, amazingly soft baby hooded towels and baby washcloths, or you want a baby sleeping bag, you've come to the right place. The Aden and Anais muslin products are made with the safety, softness and breathability you need. Aden and Anais was formed by Australian mothers who moved to the United States and found that the swaddling blankets made of the muslin fabric they wanted were too small for their babies, Aden and Anais. Further, every swaddling blanket that was large enough was made with fabric other than the muslin cloth that is so readily available for swaddling a baby in Australia. So they began making their own, adding baby hooded towel designs, baby sleeping bags and muslin security blankets to their soft muslin creations. Before long, they were being asked, "where did you get that great swaddling blanket?" by doctors, friends and mothers out and about who all wanted these muslin swaddling baby items for their own babies. Hence, the company "Aden and Anais" was born. Whether you're swaddling a newborn, seeking a baby hooded towel or you want a baby sleeping bag and security blanket, you've discovered the Internet's favourite place for the safety, softness and breathable weave of muslin fabric in the form of items you need for your baby.

What is Baby Swaddling?
Swaddling, or wrapping your baby in a blanket, can help him feel warm, secure and comfortable as he adjusts to his new environment. Many midwives advocate this practice and it is now often taught to new parents in hospital. Research has suggested that swaddling can help to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in young babies. Further research concluded that swaddled babies who use a swaddling blanket are not easily disturbed as they experience a deeper sleep than those simply placed under sheets or blankets.
Why Baby Swaddle?
A baby often has trouble sleeping because he's easily startled by a loud noise or his own muscle movements wake him up (called 'moro' or 'startle' reflex). If your baby has a startle reflex you can wrap him up in swaddling blanket to recreate the secure environment the baby enjoyed in the womb. You can also prevent a baby having startle or moro reflexes by wrapping your baby up in a swaddle blanket which will restrict movement of their arms and legs and creates pressure against their skin making for a more peaceful nights sleep. Some babies can feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason and a baby swaddling blanket can help to keep the baby calm and comfortable. Baby swaddling also helps keep a baby on their back as well as getting rid of unnecessary sheets which can cause SIDS.
Baby swaddling with a baby swaddle blanket can help reduce the amount of Colic which is crying more than three hours a day, three days a week for more than three weeks. Colick is known for keeping a newborn baby awake at night.
How to Swaddle a Baby?
See our Guide to Swaddling
To swaddle a baby, we recommend that you purchase a swaddling blanket which is perfect for the job. Lush Baby have a fantastic selection of muslin swaddling blankets by Aden and Anais.
Why use a Swaddling Blanket?
Using a swadling blanket will help keep a baby on their back and eliminate loose sheets and bedding which has been known to cause SIDS. A swaddling blanket can provide an environment very similar to what the baby experienced in the mother's womb. This in turn will keep the baby calm and comfortable and help to stop crying. Swaddle blankets will also stop a baby being able to scratch their face. A swaddle blanket keeps a baby in a good position while the baby is breastfeeding. Using a swaddle wrap will maintain your baby's body temperature. Not to mention, you can get many beautiful swaddle designs for your baby.


Lush Baby : Aden & Anais Muslin Security Blanket - Monkey
Aden & Anais Muslin Security Blanket - Monkey
Price: £15.95

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