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Baby Sleeping Bags have become the number one choice for parents, as a replacement for loose baby blankets. Baby sleeping bags are a relatively modern innovation. They give strong peace of mind to parents and they help baby to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. Using conventional bedding alone, babies can kick this away, whereas with a baby sleeping bag this does not happen. A more consistent temperature is maintained throughout the night and the baby is less likely to be awakened by coldness. It is important to use the correct size of baby sleeping bag to prevent the risk of the child's head from slipping into the bag and becoming covered. For the majority of babies, a baby sleeping bag may be used from approximately six weeks old or when the baby has grown to a weight of 10lbs. Baby Sleeping Bags are designed to replace blanket and sheet covers in your baby's cot and must not be used with duvets, quilts or any other covering. Baby sleeping bags provide a much lower level of insulation than adult bedding. If your baby shares your bed make sure that the sleeping bag is not under your own bedding as this is likely to cause overheating. If your baby wakes up due to coldness you can either increase the temperature of the room or add more, or thicker, clothing. You can cuddle him in the sleeping bag to warm him up before returning him to the cot. Likewise if your baby is too hot, you should first cool him down by removing some of his clothing. Then, either return him to the cot with less clothing than he was originally wearing, or reduce the bedroom temperature. There are some great summer sleeping bags for babies at a 0.5 tog rating made from muslin. These are a great choice and are lightweight and breathable. The baby's room can best be kept at the correct temperature by using a thermostatically controlled heater and monitoring this with a room thermometer; a range of 62-68F or 17-20C is recommended and 65F or 18C is ideal. If it is not possible to maintain the nursery temperature within this range, simply adjust the level of clothing your child wears. Lightweight baby sleeping bags, suitable for hotter climates or mid summer, are available for use at higher room temperatures. Babies need a safe environment to sleep without the risk of loose blankets. It doesn't get any better than the muslin baby sleeping bags by Aden and Anais. Every baby sleeping bag from Aden and Anais is crafted from soft, breathable muslin fabric for air flow and ultimate comfort. The Aden and Anais muslin products are made with the safety, softness and breathability you need. Aden and Anais was formed by Australian mothers who moved to the United States and found that the swaddling blankets made of the muslin fabric they wanted were too small for their babies, Aden and Anais. Further, every swaddling blanket that was large enough was made with fabric other than the muslin cloth that is so readily available for swaddling a baby in Australia. So they began making their own, adding baby hooded towel designs, baby sleeping bags and muslin security blankets to their soft muslin creations. You can choose from 0.5 tog baby sleeping bags, 1.7 tog baby sleeping bags or heavier 2.5 og baby sleeping bags. We also have some fabulous organic baby sleeping bags by baby brand Greenchild and these are extra warm baby sleeping bags in 2.5 tog. You are sure to find a safe sleep solution for your baby in the carefuly selected baby sleeping bags at Lush Baby our baby.

Lush Baby : Aden & Anais 0.5 Tog Summer Sleeping Bag - Star Light Pink
Aden & Anais 0.5 Tog Summer Sleeping Bag - Star Light Pink
Price: 29.95
Lush Baby : Aden & Anais Cozy Sleeping Bag - Alpha Bit 1.7 TOG
Aden & Anais Cozy Sleeping Bag - Alpha Bit 1.7 TOG
Price: 41.95

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